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Offered Blocks

Sr. No. Airlines Schedule Sector Dep. Time Arv. Time Fare Available Seats Book Seats
SOLD 12 AUG BOM JED     05:10     10:15 Rs.53500/- 50
SOLD 20 SEP MED BOM     16:50     04:10

SOLD 12 AUG BOM JED     05:10     12:30 Rs.58000/- 100
SOLD 20 SEP MED BOM     12:00     04:10

SOLD 13 AUG BOM JED     06:45     12:10 Rs.55000/- 100
SOLD 20 SEP MED BOM     19:30     04:55

SOLD 14 AUG BOM JED     13:25     18:35 Rs.56500/- 100
SOLD 22 SEP JED BOM     02:20     12:20

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